Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book Drop

A question via our suggestion form, from before the winter break:

I went to drop off books during the break and the library was closed. Could you please institute an exterior book drop? Or did I miss it and, if so, please advertise on your site. The library is often closed during breaks, but there are grad programs and intercession classes. And these books are heavy to slog across campus! :(

And here's our response:

Thank you for your comment/suggestion. I apologize for your having to slog the books across campus. We do try to ensure that the library hours are posted on the doors, as well as on our website. Yes, it is unusual that we do not have an outside book drop. We do consider it from year-to-year, but yours is the first comment about this that we have had since the building opened over six years ago. The 24/7 during the Spring/Fall semesters is not as problematic, of course. The increased hours in January this year provided more services for both J-term students and the graduate residency students, but did not address the Sunday drop issues. We will be looking at how we can better offer some sort of drop-off service during January when the library is closed for the entire day. 

- Pamela Flinton, Associate Librarian for Research & User Services