Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ordering More Copies

Recently, we got a request for additional copies of a title owned by the library.

"Please order more copies of Between the World and Me" by Ta-Nehisi Coates! Always out of stock."

Thanks for your request; we're glad to hear this title is in such high demand. It is our general policy not to order multiple copies of the same title. If a book is in high demand, we recommend placing a hold on the title you're interested in - this way you don't have to keep checking back on the title, and we'll email you when it's available. When looking at a book in our system, you'll see the following button to place a hold.
If you need the book for a class or something similarly urgent, please contact a librarian directly. We can either try to recall the book for your use, or try to obtain a copy from another library via our Interlibrary Loan system. Let us know if you have more questions!

Liz De Coster, User Services Librarian

PS - We are looking into adding this title to our Kindle reader collection, so be sure to check back in our catalog soon!