Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Computer Science Books?

Yesterday a student slipped a note into our feedback box requesting that we purchase more books in and for computer science. Here's our response:

"Thank you for your suggestion to purchase more computer science books. We rely heavily on our faculty to recommend books that would be useful to students in their majors. As computer science is a very broad field, faculty assistance is particularly important to ensure our collection supports the curriculum. I will pass this comment along to the computer science department. I did a quick subject search in our various eBook databases and have come up with over 2,000 books. Have you tried the eBook Academic Collection (1,787 items) or Ebrary (508 items)? We have a listing of both our licensed ebook databases and open access eBooks on our eBooks library guide at

Please let me know if there is a specific book(s) that you would like to see in our collection and they may be considered for purchase.

Again, thank you for your comment!"

- Pamela Flinton, Associate Librarian for Research & User Services