Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Camp in the Athenaeum

Welcome (and welcome back) to our students, faculty, and staff!

We've gotten some feedback from those of you who were here over the summer about the relocation of the on-campus summer camp to the Athenaeum due to campus construction. 

"The noise from [the camp] in the Athenaeum is not consistent with the building's primary purpose as a Library!"

"I think [the camp] is an excellent summer program for younger children, especially for those interested in performing arts. That being said, I don't exactly think that the Ath is the best location for it. It's understandable that smaller children are loud, but these noise levels were incredibly disruptive, especially to those in the Library. :("

Please see our comments below, and thanks for your patience and understanding!

"Thank you for your comment on the use of the Athenaeum during our summer break.  The campus is considering all options for the various groups on campus during the summer and that includes looking at the impact of Camp Bravo conducting activities in the Athenaeum."
- Pamela Flinton, Associate Librarian for Research & User Services