Wednesday, June 10, 2015

London Book Review

We recently got a question through our feedback submission form about the availability of the London Book Review online. Our patron wanted to know:

I was wondering if any thought had been given to getting an institutional subscription to various publications that have large online libraries, such as the London Book Review.
It is possible that Goucher already has one to them in particular or many others that I am not aware of. Is there a place on the website where we can find out what Goucher grants the students access to?
And our patron has some options! While we don't subscribe to the service they asked about, we do have similar services that might be of use.

"Thank you for your comment via our comment form. In response to your questions, we do have several subscription to online libraries of ebooks. The source you mention is an online book review service. We do have a similar services in the New York Times Book Review and the Library Journal Book Review, among others. You can access these publications through the Journals tab on the Library Homepage. Change the search type to all and use the search term book review. This will result in a listing of publications that are book reviews. You will see the New York Times Book Review near the bottom." 
-Pamela Flinton, Associate Librarian for Research & User Services

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