Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More On Staplers

The following comment on the Library's office supplies was passed on to Library staff recently:

"Overall, this Library is wonderful. Compared to the budget associated with new computers, and staff salaries, it seems the expense for a few high quality hole punches and staplers would be minimal, especially considering the value it would add to students' organization. Myself and several other students I know have bought staplers and hole punches because even when they are available, in the best case, they have low capacity and work poorly."

Thank you for your comments. Hole punches and staplers are topics on many library listservs! Check out this article Staplercide! The lives and deaths of academic library staplers. We have tried a variety of makes to determine what might last the longest under the abuse they take from stressed students. If they do not break, then they tend to walk away. We often find them on a table somewhere in the Information Commons. Yes, we could chain them down, but that has its own implications. We respect our users and chaining down something like staplers is not the way we like to treat people. We will continue to try different brands to find that balance that allows for proper function, yet not be so irreplaceable that we must put them under lock and key. For a last bit of fun check out this entry on Tumblr - The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers.

Also, a new large stapler and small stapler were both put out on the table on the morning of February 10th.

 PS - We can't take credit for the new computers; you'll have to thank IT for that!