Friday, December 12, 2014

Front Desk Supplies

With the wintery weather, we've recently gotten a comment about personal care supplies at the front desk:
"I would love it we bough lotion back to the front desk."

The Library has not been in the habit of making lotion available at the service desk, though we do try to have hand sanitizer available. Thanks for your feedback! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grace Period

The Library recently fielded a request to have grace periods on materials after they are due:

"There should be a 10 min grace period after due time."

Thanks for your comment! For materials from our main collection, you are generally welcome to renew books if you will need them for longer than the initial loan period; you can do this online through your Library account ( or at our service desk. Regarding reserve materials, there is no grace period because of high demand on these items and their short loan times, which multiple students may need in a brief time span. If you have questions or concerns about fines that have been incurred or specific issues with your personal account, feel free to contact Library staff directly. - Elizabeth DeCoster, User Services Librarian