Monday, October 20, 2014

Noise in the Information Commons

We've gotten two comments recently about noise levels in the information commons. No images and a little editing this time so that comments remain anonymous:

"The Ath (mainly Info Comms) is so loud always."

"The Library (specifically Info Comms) had turned into social hour. It is ridiculous! I used to work in the Ath ... but now ... I absolutely cannot be in here. People save computers & leave for extended periods of time. There simply aren't enough to do that."

The staff appreciate your comments and would like to share the following thoughts: 
"The Library Information Commons serves many purposes on campus, and one of those purposes is as a social space. This definition of an Information Common may help to clarify: 'a place that has a serious learning function, supported by information and technology resources, but in a setting that can be noisier than the rest of the library and readily accepts group activities.' We tolerate a certain level of group interaction and noise. However, if the noise becomes excessive, please speak to the offending group or approach a staff member who may intervene on your behalf. Another option is to move to one of our Quiet Study Floors (2nd or 4th floor stack areas)." - Pamela Flinton, Associate Librarian for Research & User Services

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